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Pleasure Warrior

Reconnecting Women to their Power and Pleasure


Trauma-Informed Somatic Coaching

Holistic Sexuality / Embodiment / Spirituality / Empowerment / Intimacy

A deeply loving integration of body, mind and spirit, to free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Simple, effective embodiment practices reconnecting you with your body's wisdom, allowing you to reclaim your power and pleasure. 

Neuroscience married with Tantric and Taoist wisdom traditions.




Hi, I'm Linda, a trained Embodiment and Sexuality Coach in the VITA™ Method, from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality run by Layla Martin.


Why choose Somatic Coaching?

Simply put, the research shows:

we cannot TALK our way into feeling better,

we cannot THINK our way into feeling better,

we need to FEEL our way into feeling better.

It is only through working with the "soma" or "whole body" that we can gently release conditioning from the past that is blocking us from living the life we want to live now.


Somatic Coaching is a proven and effective method of transformation based in neuro-science. It combines “top down” processes (cognitive-based work similar to what might be experienced in talk-therapy ) in tandem with “bottom up” tools which focus on how the body/mind processes information and relays it to the brain, effectively letting your body speak its mind.


  • a new understanding of your body

  • reconnection to pleasure and self-love

  • clarity about what you desire

  • feeling your own sense of power

  • renewed confidence to go after your life's dreams

glorious goddess



My sessions with Linda were incredible. She has an amazing ability to hold space and give loving direction. The things I experienced with her were life altering. I have been able to embrace my body and my being in a much more loving way. Thank you for your time and for giving me such wonderful gifts for myself. Your vibrations are high and nurturing.

~Jamie P / Professional Photographer and Super-Mom of 6 Amazing Children


The container Linda holds is full of a joy that feels rooted. As a leader and healer myself, I hold space for a lot of people a lot of the time, and it can often feel difficult for me to find people with whom I'm comfortable letting go and being vulnerable.  But thanks to Linda's confidence and clarity, I was able to completely trust her as she guided me through powerful transformational experiences.  I felt seen, appreciated and completely cared for through everything that came up for me in sessions. Linda is this beautiful combination of planning and flexibility: she would create a plan for our sessions but fluidly change pace and show up for me exactly where I was if the plan didn't seem True in the moment. Linda was also skillful in knowing when I needed to be challenged and when I needed to experience more ease.  I'm looking forward to continuing this work with Linda and I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to feel more connected to their body and their power through a process that is specific and clear, playful, and sacred.  
~Marisa Michelson / Founder/Director Constellation Chor and Marisa Michelson Vocal Studio



Thank you LINDA for your ability to take in what I say and speak it back to me with such clarity, acceptance, and kindness. 
It’s surprisingly ENERGIZING to feel SO seen and heard.
Linda is the very best cheerleader…one that gets me /knows me and says, "Hey, Marjorie this way might help too. Wanna try this?"
Then effortlessly we’re moving through some easy techniques…meeting some of my sticky stuff...ANGER…parts of me I’m not proud of. Places where I get uncomfortable.  AND. Linda stayed comfortable in her. 
No judgement. Lots of compassion. 
We worked together. 
I was able to put down some defensiveness and receive support.
Got to meet my very own inner cheerleading team. 
Linda, through our 3 sessions together you helped me notice that exact moment where I usually abandon Marjorie. This is big for me!!!
~Marjorie Campbell / Owner/Creator Little M Inventions


Pleasure is every woman's birthright, every woman's life-force, and every woman's connection to themselves.
I have seen too many women (including myself) lose that connection at some point in their lives, as life's responsibilities and demands take over.
We juggle careers, families, finances and even global pandemics, and not surprisingly, stress, burnout and physical unwellness take over. 
"Just getting through" becomes the norm.

And, guess what? That's not okay. That is not how we are meant to live.

What if I told you that you yourself are the medicine?

 I invite you into a deeply loving integration of body, mind and spirit so that you may free yourself from limiting beliefs and fearlessly and without apology, choose the life you want to live. Because you are literally designed for pleasure.

This is an opportunity to embrace yourself fully and to live in empowered expression.

This is your invitation to live life like the Pleasure Warrior nature designed you to be!
For all women, of all ages.



I have the highest trust and confidence in Linda as a coach as I've benefitted many times from her brilliant guidance. Her loving presence helps me to feel safe, seen and celebrated for exactly who I am, while her meticulous space holding supports me to uncover deep truths that evolve my personal growth.

~Simone Baker / Women's Sexual Empowerment Coach


 a little about me

my personal journey back to pleasure started with a little trip to India in 2019

little did I know
 and even littler did I expect
 that my heart would crack open

but by the grace of the many gods and goddesses worshipped there
 it did

and suddenly the whole world came back to me 

a resuscitation 
in a country that reveres community and celebrates rainbow colour

and through that came a profound shift
in how I did things
in how I saw things
in how I interacted with my world

not long after, a mentor said to me:

“women know the rooms of their homes better

than they know the rooms of their own bodies”

and that stopped me in my tracks

and I promised myself I was not going to be that woman
I had not been put on this earth

to ignore, shame and repress

the literal life-force that is my birthright, my lineage, my ancestry

 I made a choice that I would not go "quietly into the night

and fade away as society wants "women of a certain age" to do

I made a choice to celebrate and get curious

about all that is sacred

about all that is possible

 and to reclaim sexuality and power on my terms

and so in my 60th tour around the sun,

I commit with love and ferocity to empower and assist other women

to also reclaim their rightful place, power and pleasure

and so, for your pleasure, I present "Pleasure Warrior"


it would be my privilege to assist you

in reclaiming the pleasure-filled life you are meant to lead.



I really enjoyed our sessions and learned so much. I felt very comfortable talking to you and was able to talk freely. You were a great coach and so receptive. It helped to pause and take a meditative breath to really get my thoughts going and the visualization was also effective. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this type of coaching. I opened up about my life and was able to be vulnerable. It gave me so much to think about and new ideas to spice up my love life. I also gave myself permission to focus on my own wants, needs and desires. With the ongoing pandemic and having 2 small kids at home, I was feeling so burned out and couldn't find the time or energy to put toward myself or my marriage.  By doing the coaching sessions, I felt the need to prioritize my own needs and work on my marriage. I think anyone who is in a committed relationship would greatly benefit from this coaching. I also think single people would benefit so they can truly focus on what their needs and desires are. Thankyou!

~Leah V. / Career Woman, Family Mom, Sovereign Being


I would love to get to know you better.

I invite you to fill out this form to book a complimentary call. 


Together we will see if this work might be something that can bring you the pleasure you are seeking.

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Touch comes before sight,
before speech.
It is the first language and the last,
and it always tells the truth.
~Margaret Atwood

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